Don’t be afraid of the small agencies,
they’re usually run by the people who did
the best work in the big agencies.

Poskitt is a Sydney based ideas and design agency that cuts to the chase. You pay for what you need which is smart ideas, affordable execution and quality production. You deal directly with senior people who believe in getting straight to the point.

Creating good stuff without all the fluff.

We love doing things well and we enjoy playing with words and images but we’re not precious about it. We work with all types of businesses, large and not so large, so we understand value for money. And create ideas that match your budget as well your ambitions.

We do many things: advertising, marketing, logo design, copywriting and graphic design. We can also act as your production agency, help you with your web site, design an exhibition stand, do your packaging, print a high-end brochure, create and produce videos or a social campaign.

Big thinking, smaller invoices.

Our approach is simply to keep things simple – producing clearly branded design ideas that are straightforward and affordable to execute. Ideas that stand out and impress your customers. And we do it without fuss keeping an eye on cost by minimising the usual adland or marketing agency back and forth. You work directly with the people who do the work – you don’t pay for people you don’t need. That way everyone saves time and your direction is clear.

Further, clients who work with Poskitt enjoy good health, are lucky in love and are blessed with good fortune.

Send us an email if you want to know more or read on.


Daniel Poskitt started his own agency after working at the top level in Australian graphic design, advertising and production for other companies. His aim? To offer clients the chance to work directly with those who actually do the work.

It starts with an idea.

We do brand ideas, digital ideas, visual ideas and general advertising ideas. As experienced art directors and business graphic designers, we have assisted a diverse range of clients from lifestyle, finance, automotive, health and beauty, sports and entertainment. Once an idea is agreed, it’s developed with expert copywriters, photographers, illustrators and digital developers. We believe in creating simple but engaging ideas with a bold visual approach.

Advertising ideas

Advertising is one of the most misunderstood, misguided and misused areas of consumer communication. Most campaigns go out, with seemingly little effect, and then slink quietly off into oblivion. With the next campaign the whole process starts again.

The secret is to remember you are talking to people. And to treat your product as simply a product like any you would buy in a supermarket. Brand the retail, retail the brand.

Poskitt has proven this approach successful with campaigns for the world’s leading brands and this philosophy still remains at the core of everything we do today.

Brand creation

Having worked with many of the world’s top brands there are many things we’ve learned and few things that we’ve found they have in common. Typically speaking, strong brands are more than just a collection of product features.

They have clear, simple positionings that are easy to understand. Through this they exude a confidence in all that they do. Which in turn inspires confidence in their customers and end users.

To do this they demonstrate genuine insight into their customers’ lives. They don’t talk down and don’t spend too long talking about how brilliant they are. This helps build strong engaging personalities that differentiate them from their competition.

As part of Poskitt’s brand creation services we ensure the work we create for your business is consistent, wherever the customer meets with you and your sales messages. And we are happy to explain to your sales and marketing people the key aspects of the branding we build so you have the whole team implementing, all acting as one coherent voice.

Creative direction

Whether it’s heading up a team brainstorming session or developing initial concepts for a project, Poskitt can help you map out future plans and make sure both the end result and process match in with your objectives. We are experienced in the entire creative process and we can manage a project from start to finish.

Or, we can work with your in-house team and contribute to certain aspects of a major marketing project. We’re happy to be part of team, we’ll say what we believe but we won’t let ego trip things up.

In short we get the job done with minimum fuss and pretension. In the end it’s all pictures and words bringing your idea and strategy to life.

Digital and physical brand engagement

Remember you are talking to people. So whether we’re designing for the digital space, creating a digital marketing campaign or looking at physical brand engagement in store, at an exhibition or out on the street, we like to make that engagement real.

The language we use is everyday and relatable. Visually and in words.

Send us an email and let’s talk about ideas.

Think more, design less.

We focus on the core elements of visual communication and the fundamental rules of great design. We have a decades long track record in creating visual identities and brand guidelines from the ground up. It’s handy to have some old school experience up our sleeves, as whatever the groovy kids may think, certain rules always apply. People’s eyes and brains respond to the same visual cues they always have.

That said, we are experts in the specialist needs of digital design, the different user device interfaces combined with variable data driven communications. So we version for mobile, desktops, digital signage, outdoor or whatever else is around the corner.

We also design packaging and work with brands during product development. While signage and exhibitions are another growth area for us.

Visual identity and brand guidelines

Daniel Poskitt has successfully delivered brand guidelines for some of the world’s top brands including Virgin Australia, Maserati, KiiS FM, Mission Providence, Hydro Tasmania and Aussie Home Loans. Many of these brands engage multiple agencies across different media channels from digital to mainstream advertising, sign makers to interior designers. So their brand guidelines are an important tool to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Poskitt has a proven ability in successfully providing unique brand identity systems. Ensuring they are economical, practical and adaptable. So they can easily be applied with integrity and consistency.

We don’t get on a high horse about what we do. The only thing we get precious about is wasting time – we value your time and ours, which makes the process faster and provides better value all round.

Poskitt’s success is in part due to our efficient implementation and brand use guidelines. More importantly, and often overlooked by less experienced designers, is that brand guidelines have a direct impact on the cost of implementation. Guidelines designed by Poskitt are designed to be economical.

We guess that after 25 years in creating branding systems, that’s the essence of our own brand. Simplicity and efficiency makes us different from Sydney’s other leading brand specialists. Brand identity systems designed by Poskitt focus on efficiency for cost-minimisation and greater business agility.

Our strategy is always to simplify, to reduce the number of rules rather than to create door-stopper branding bibles focused on straight-jacket regimes which offer no additional benefit to an organisation other than stifling productivity.

Digital design and user interface

In a digital world all design is by definition digital design. We don’t see a philosophical difference between designing for a digital space and a physical space. Technology frees you up but it also has its own constraints. So we simply think of an idea then adapt it as needed.

Whether it’s a series of websites, a single landing page or user updatable sales pages. An eDM, a social post or 3D augmented reality interface linked to a gaming idea or a simple animated banner ad.

Product development

A designer’s business horizons should not be limited to promotional and marketing material. The product itself is a place some fear to tread. At Poskitt, we prefer to put our best foot forward. Literally. Helping create boots, shoes, inner soles, apparel, trophies and awards for some of our long-term clients.

So if you’re developing a product and want to apply a fresh design eye, talk to us we’ll be glad to help.


Packaging design has been a growth area for us in the last five years. FMCG, speciality packaging and custom designs have all featured in design solutions we’ve provided to Kleenex, Sanitarium, Pilot Pens, Redback Boots and Realign Performance. In short, we can think of the box as well inside it or outside it.

Signage and exhibitions

Yes we enjoy making an exhibition of ourselves. In fact as traditional advertising as shifted focus we’ve found the face-to-face and hands on nature of exhibitions has created fresh opportunities for customers to experience your product, brand or business ideas.

We can do this following your brand style guide or develop new concepts. Plus ideas for on-stand engagements. We can create everything from signage and interactive digital screen displays to fun promotional items, and classic, classy brochures that set the tone for an entire brand launch.

Send us an email if you need a good designer.

Great images need smart words.

Great images need smart words to complete the message and we are experts in writing digital content, advertising copy, tenders and proposals. We can assist with campaign and product naming or developing overall brand positioning lines. Or we can create a one off video, a Youtube campaign or radio script for all purposes – from trade marketing to consumer advertising.

Digital content

We employ writers who are storytellers. Schooled in creating digital articles and digital reviews that are engaging and search engine friendly. Creating digital content is more than simply filling space. It needs to be part of your digital engagement strategy.

Above all it needs to be interesting and fulfilling. Overwritten content damages your brand engagement. Customers quickly tune out and often tune into someone else with something real to say. So it may live in the virtual space but you need to keep it real.

Advertising copy

We believe short, quick and to the point wins the day. Advertising copy should be engaging, even witty, with a lightness and sense of fun where appropriate. It can even be mad and wild if that’s the brief. But the focus is always on selling benefits and winning customers.

Tenders and proposals

We collaborate with a range of tender and proposal writers. It’s a specialist skill and we employ specialists to fulfil it – working in tandem with our designers as and when needed.


Brand names, product names, company names. You name it, we can help. We offer a name origination service that will give you a list of creative options matched to your brief. Plus logo design as well as checks on name availability and registration.

Brand positioning lines

From tag lines to memorable brand positioning lines Poskitt is skilled at creating positions that work and stand the test of time.

Video scripts and radio scripts

From original video content to radio scripts and TV ads we have experienced writers and creatives who bring compelling content and fun ideas that cut through, both affordable and which stay on brief.

As always we keep the process lean and simple but the end result is professional and builds your image.

Send us an email to find out how copywriting can work for you.

Which means nothing unless it gets delivered.

We turn ideas into reality by managing all aspects of production – digital, video, print, radio and exhibitions. We obtain quotes and manage the quality control process. We also manage the timeline and any outside creative and production resources such as printers or developers. Above all, we keep things on time and on budget.

Digital development

Poskitt has over 20 years of experience in digital development. From simple digital ads to WordPress sites and feature rich experiences. We also offer digital product development, augmented reality and develop common sense user experiences.

We create digital work that is responsive, built to adapt, and keeps pace with the ever growing number of connected devices. We ensure you’re always up to speed with the fast changing landscape of screens.

Data driven communications

Big data, small data, any kind of data needs to be used in smart effective ways or you ending up drowning in an ocean of over information. We keep data focused through the creation, production and delivery of targeted personalised communications, across every channel – physical and digital. Personalised emails, personalised URLs, personalised print – category specific communications are all part of how we can micro manage your data to give you a competitive advantage.

Video production

We cover the production of all types of moving image. Brand videos, TVCs, corporate video production, event videos, animation, website video production, video editing, online/digital video production. We can also help you with creating online video content for social media and content marketing campaigns.


We have in house capability for digital graphic illustration or source the right illustrator for the job depending on the creative execution. From fine drawn art styles to manga magic we brief and oversee the process – agreeing budgets and timelines to fit your schedule.


Explainer videos, info-graphics, presentation design, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, marketing videos, animated TV commercials, web video production, promotional video production and videos for websites. If you want it to move, we’ll make it move.


Briefing photography is a core skill of any creative agency. We have excellent relationships with many photographers and find the right person and style to match the budget and creative direction. From basic corporate headshots to product photography and brand lifestyle photography through to advertising photography, food photography as well as 3D modelling and 3D rendering.

Image retouching

This is another in house service with decades of experience ensuring first class results. Fix scratches and spots, remove wrinkles and imperfections, and enhance the textures of the images used for your work – including those you may supply yourself. We also manage deep-etching and colour correction. Whether small irregularities or larger blemishes, pixel-accurate beauty retouching or complex image manipulation, Poskitt ensures each feature of the product is illuminated, colour balanced and perfectly blended into a background or image as required.

Print buying and sourcing

As the world has become digital the old skills of print buying and sourcing are increasingly hard to find. But print still features large for many clients. Whether it’s a limited run of specialty presentation boxes or a personalised direct mail campaign, we have the skills, experience and contacts to ensure you get a great quality print job at the right price.

Project management

Let us manage your creative projects for you. Whether it’s creating an exhibition stand and promotional launch campaign or managing your annual run of retail print and digital advertising, we manage the whole process.

Send us an email if you need a production quote or just some advice.

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