Poskitt and Hydro Tasmania,
a natural combination.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy business, generating hydro power in Tasmania, as well as trading electricity and energy related environmental products in the Australian market. They are the largest water manager in Australia and are owned by the Government of Tasmania. Hydro Tasmania currently employs more than 1,100 people, with assets worth around  $5 billion.

When Hydro Tasmania took full ownership of Momentum Energy, the brand did not have a clear and unique positioning and the brand identity was not aligned with the strong focus the organisation had for decades on renewable energy, innovation and clever thinking.

Poskitt collaborated closely with the company’s marketing and communications team and ad agency Lowe Rivet to develop the brand and it’s positioning with a new visual language including a new mark, colour palette and complete suite of communication tools. 

Based on the new brand line “The power of natural thinking” Poskitt designed a brand identity for Hydro Tasmania which conveys the natural characteristics of its technology and philosophy. The letter H, confident and iconic, captures the assertiveness and resolve of Hydro Tasmania moving forward.

The primary identity lockups feature the new icon paired off with the words “Hydro Tasmania” set upper and lowercase in Jack, by Fontsmith. Several versions were provided in the style guidelines including horizontal, centered, stacked and single line configurations.

Identity systems were also developed for Momentum, the compay’s consumer facing retail arm, and Entura, the company’s consulting division.

The new identity was applied across every aspect of the business on an industrial scale including uniforms, signage, plant infrastructure, safety equipment, vehicles, promotional products, events and exhibitions.

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